Monday, September 28, 2009

War Eagle Hey!

This past weekend we wrapped up the 4th home football game with another win! It was another wet weekend on the Plains but we did have a good time. The Hines and my family joined us for a small cookout at our house. It was lots of fun and Bill cooked some pretty good hamburgers!

The best thing about the whole weekend is that Bryson came down for the game. He loves football and wants to play for Auburn one day. Bill and I love spending time with Bryson. Here are some pictures from the game!

Bryson and Me before Tiger Walk

He loves his Nonna!

War Eagle! Cheering with Poppaw!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Homemade ICE CREAM!!!

So Bill and I got this really neat homemade ice cream maker for a wedding present and we thought we would try it out last night. We left for Winn-Dixie and purchased all the right ingredients for vanilla ice cream! I was super excited and couldn't wait to eat ice cream. Well we combined all the ingredients like the recipe said put the liquid mixture in our new machine and turned it on. It was really simple! The ice cream maker instructions stated that in 20-25 minutes you would have great soft ice cream. Well after 25 minutes we still had liquid. I couldn't figure out what we did wrong.....we followed the recipe exactly....and we used all the right ingredients.

So we thought we would just put it in the freezer for just a little bit to help it harden a little. Well after an hour we still had liquid. By this time I was a little frustrated and got the instructions out for the new machine. Word by word I went through trying to figure out what was wrong. After reading through a couple of paragraphs I found it. We forgot to freeze the freezer bowl. The freezer bowl is what the liquid is poured into to churn into ice cream. What a great discovering huh? So we didn't have ice cream last night but we put the freezer bowl in the freezer and hopefully we will get to enjoy our ice cream creation tonight!! Guess I need to start every kitchen experience by reading all the instructions a little bit more carefully!! :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Training has begun!

This week I started training for the Disney Marathon which is in January. So far not so bad but I know it is going to be a challenge. The hardest part will be the long Saturday runs before I go to work at the football games but it will be rewarding when I am finished. Bill has been really encouraging so far and I know he will keep encouraging me through the 18 weeks of training!

The trip to Disney will be lots of fun and we can't wait to get to Orlando with the Fox's!! Until next time I will be running.....