Monday, January 5, 2009

Let's go Fishing....

Bill and I are engaged! I am so excited and can't wait to be married. It happened on the River and was absolutly perfect. Bill and I headed to Decatur to spend New Years with some friends in Huntsville. He was able to take off a day of work so that we could spend some time with his family too. Bill and I were suppose to go fishing on Wednesday but when I woke up it was about 35 degrees. So you can imagine I did not want to go. First of all I never catch a fish when Bill and I go and secondly I didn't want to freeze. But I was a trooper and said I would go because I know he enjoys it so much and doesn't get to fish very often.

So we loaded up the boat and headed to the River. I was not a happy camper but was trying really hard to be. We put the boat in and road to Flint Creek. It is a section of the River that is off the main channel. Bill proceded to cut the boat off like he always does and normally he goes to put the trolling motor in and starts fishing but this time he didn't. Instead he came fishing for me!!! It was perfect and I can't even think of a more perfect way for us to get engaged!!

The engagement process has been so much fun so far and both of us have enjoyed spending time with friends and family. We are planning on getting married in July in Opelika!!