Thursday, June 25, 2009

Busy as a BEE!!!

I'm back! It has been so long since I have updated this but life has been a little crazy but FUN! For the past 4 months we have been traveling all over the place.
In March we took some time off and went to Josephine, AL to enjoy the beach with the Hines. It was a blast and we loved hanging out with Mr. Jeff, Mrs. Kim, K.K. and Darby! They are one special family to Bill and I. In April we kicked off the first of several wedding parties! With the first one in Decatur at the Sexton Building. It sits right on the river! The party was given by the one and only Birthday Club! It was lots of fun and I enjoyed meeting some new Decatur people! The second party was at the end of April and it was a Linen Shower in Opelika. We gots lots and lots of towels! Now this brings us to May. May was probably the busiest for us. We had Bill's company picnic, 4 wedding parties between Auburn and Alex City and two dance recitals! Everything went well and Bill even got to miss one of the dance recitals for his bachelor party in Jacksonville, FL. He and the guys went deep sea fishing and caught lots of fish.
Now that we are into June I believe it might be the slowest month for us so far but we are always going on the weekends. Taylor was in Miss Alabama the first weekend of June and she did a great job. She won a few thousand dollars worth of scholarship money and it was fun to visit with family every night she performed! Thank you to everyone that came out and supported her. We have had 4 more wedding parties in June and got to spend the weekend at the lake with all of Bill's groomsmen and their wives. It was the best weekend so far and was nice to relax and soak in some sun!!!
I think that gets us up to date. Tomorrow is a big day for us because we close on our house. We can't wait to start moving in and get everything settled before the big day on July 18th!!! After the closing we will head to Nashville for the 1st Baggett wedding of the summer. Patrick and Amy get married this Sunday. I am so excited for them and I know the wedding will be beautiful!!